Here's a wonderful poetic couplet that can be found at the portal of the Bodhidharma Chamber. It was written by Emperor Qian Long to praise and honour Shaolin.

Yu Xiu Xiang Yun Kai Fa Jie –
Jade mountains and fragrant clouds start the spiritual realm.

Zhu Lin Hua Yu Jing Chan Xin –
Pearl and rains of flowers still the heart of Zen.


Fu hui zhi zi jue,
liao ben yuan ke wu
Zhou hung pu guang zong,
dao qing tong xuan zu
Qing jing zhen ru hai,
zan ji chun zhen su
De xing yong yan heng,
miao ti chang jian gu
Xin lang zhou yu shen,
xing ming jian chong zha
Zhong zhen shan xi shang,
jin zhi yuen ji du
Shui ting wei tao shi,
ying ru gui ming lu

* * *

The names for all Shaolin monks and disciples are taken from this poem. Written during the Sung Dynasty by the abbot FuYu .

* * *
Only the holy person can understand the way, then one may attain wisdom and bliss.
Using the whole to see the principles, you may understand the way.
We must spread Chan like rays of sun all over the world.
All the branches of Buddhism celebrate the same root.

Clarity and stillness are deep as the sea.
When you abandon attachments, your true face emerges.
Only virtue is never ending,
Your pure heart never changes.
When your heart is still, its brightness will dispel the darkness.

Your true natures is the highest.
If you are loyal, upright and kind, you will receive happiness and peace.
Always remember your Buddha heart.
Following the spirit of Huike,
This is the way to Buddhahood.

* * *

Shaolin Temple/Henan China.